No two drinkers are the same, and no two journeys towards regaining control over alcohol are the same either. That’s why I created Pep; to help people tailor and navigate their own paths.

Unlike other stop-drinking courses, Peps allow you to join at any point, select the Peps that resonate, fast-forward to those that help navigate upcoming events or rewind to revisit and adjust strategies.

And all from as little as £1 per Pep.


Prepare Peps are designed to get you thinking, encouraging you to view your drinking and behaviour differently. They’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to enable sustainable change.


Action Peps will build resilience for the challenges ahead. They’ll guide you through the early stages of change and give you the tools you need to combat urges and triggers.


Maintain Peps support you in protecting the gains you’ve made. They offer helpful advice and practical exercises for dealing with potential obstacles that may come your way.

Embark at any point

Select the Peps that resonate

Delivered in affordable, bite-sized chunks

At a pace that suits

Fast-forward to Peps that guide upcoming events

Rewind, review and refine strategies